30.05.2019 - Commercial mission of laval university (quebec) in poland

On May 28, I had the enormous pleasure of receiving the Laval University Commercial Mission in the city of Katowice. The project of this meeting was initiated in March when I gave a lecture: "Doing business in Poland" to the participants and coordinators of the mission. Thanks to the participation

10.05.2019 - Polish investment zone

Since September 2018 - public aid to companies investing in Polish cities / regions, including: - Tax cuts for every investment in most cities and regions of Poland, - For 15 years in some cases, - Conditions to take advantage of this program are the qualitative and quantitative criteria related

04.04.2019 - Meeting of canadian, french and belgium chamber of commerce in warsaw.

On the 2nd of April, in Canadian Embassy of Canada in Warsaw, a business mixer took place, attended by members of the French, Belgian and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. It was an excellent opportunity for me to make new contacts and meet several member companies that presented themselves in the

20.03.2019 - Cultural training: business culture and relations in poland

On March 1, I was conducting training for Canadian participants of a trade mission to Poland. This mission will take place in May this year and will be attended by 14 entrepreneurs and 14 students of the Laval University in Quebec. On-line training included topics such as: - business culture

08.01.2019 - Corporate training: business development in the us market.

As part of the GO TO BRAND project, I trained the top management of the company APR Media which aims to develop sales in the US. The training focused on the following issues: · Customer service in North America, · Sales techniques in the United States, · Contract negotiation techniques,

10.09.2018 - 10 reasons to grow your business in the canadian market

Main Reasons to Grow Your Business in the Canadian Market are: Political, financial and economic stability Highly skilled workers Quality of life Heavily subsidized R & D Favorable tax rate Beneficial tax reduction system for businesses Competitive operating costs Multiculturalism / open society Additional benefits for foreign investors in cities

22.08.2018 - Doing business in silesia province (poland)

Why to invest in Silesia? The Silesian province is the most important industrial region in Poland, located in the southern part of the country, close to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Silesia is a regional center of public administration, 38 universities and higher education schools, many cultural institutions and major
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